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Promotions: Use limited time discounts to drive sales.

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Use promotions to get traction when you launch a new product and convert browsers to customers by offering limited time discounts and a reason to book today.

An incredible range of Creators globally are building their brands on Fixers ranging from Festivals to Yoga retreats. After seeing the huge impact of tiered pricing and releases on Festivals, we built promotions for products that don't traditionally have a tiered pricing structure.

Promotions are a way to merchandise your pricing on Fixers, offering customers a discount for booking early on a specific day or as part of a campaign.

Launch a promotion today

  1. Create a new promotion across your entire brand, per product or per variant. Help on how to do this here.
  2. Set a start, end date and a maximum quantity and start promoting your promotion to the world!

When to use a promotion over a voucher code.

Voucher codes are a great tool to incentivise a potential customer when you know who they are or are able to market the voucher code to them. Promotions can be offered to anyone who lands on your site - driving urgency and a reason to book today.

Promotions and discount codes play nicely together and can both be applied to the same booking.

Set a maximum quantity or deadline

Promotions can expire when you hit a number of bookings or past a day and time deadline.

Creating FOMO

Promotions automatically add a tagline to the product to display when the offer expires or how many are left to claim.

Running a promotion alongside a re-marketing campaign has proved incredibly powerful converting visitors to customers.

Putting promotions to work

  • Launching a new product on Fixers: Use a promotion to get early traction by offering the first bookers a limited time discount.
  • Alongside a re-marketing campaign: Re-marketing page visitors who have failed to convert with a promotion running for a short time period.
  • As part of a campaign: Such as Black Friday or a January sale.  

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