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Office hours: Turn your passion into an empire - let us help you grow your business.

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Book office hours with the Fixers team to discuss anything from marketing, to operations, finances, branding or new business ideas to help you grow your business.

Fact! Creators that regularly book office hours with us have the fastest growing businesses on Fixers.

It's our belief that anyone with enough hunger and commitment can grow a successful travel and experiences business and turn your passion into an empire.

If you put in the work, you will undoubtedly succeed because the good news is that you are selling the most desirable thing today that money can buy - an experience!

Customers have never been more eager to buy your experience. We all know the stats - it's all people want to spend their money on and together it's our job to make it as appealing, fun and simple to book as it is to actually experience the product itself!

Whatever your travel or experience business and whatever stage you are at, whatever challenges you are facing; the chances are that we, or somebody else selling on Fixers has faced the same ones. Learning and sharing ideas and knowledge within a like-minded community is incredibly powerful.

What have I done to promote my business today?

This is the one question we will challenge you to ask yourself every day. Write it down, print it out, put it on your fridge, your desktop, your mirror, a post it, wherever you like and make it visible. It doesn’t matter if you have been running your business for years or if you are yet to launch this is the beginning of your pledge to growing your company.

With our background running an events business selling 2 million tickets per year and launching music festivals and adventure trips around the world - we know first hand that running a travel and experiences business can be the most uplifting and fun way to share your own passions with others. Seeing how much positivity and good times comes out of this is so rewarding and nothing else compares!  

However, turning your passion into a profitable empire means throwing yourself in at the deep end with gigantic black boxes like marketing! What should I be doing? What should my focus be? What are my ‘levers’ - Facebook, google ads, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin, email, SEO, content, optimising my website and so on... the list is enormous and it can be overwhelming.

Firstly knowing where to focus your time and then if you have a budget where to spend it? It’s hard.

What’s in a lever?

A lever is a term that we use to refer to any channel or idea that you can put in place that will have the most impact with the least effort. By booking office hours with the Fixers team we can help you to figure out what your ‘levers’ are give you the support you need to grow. We’ll help you work out what ‘levers’ to pull and when across every marketing and promotions channel available online or offline and double down on the ones that will be best suited for your business to achieve real results.

All roads lead to growth

We’re here to help with anything related to your company’s growth whether that’s Sales, Marketing, Growth, Business, Operations, Strategy, Finance, or ways to improve Brand, Websites, Design, Content, Communications or more specifically related to Fixers Platform Knowledge there are people on the team available to help with all of the above and more.

Like any great relationship this is a commitment

Office hours are just the beginning. What we can offer is a scheduled and focused space for ideas to grow your business. We won’t follow up with notes, we won’t hassle you to ask if you’ve done the things we discussed and there’s no obligation to do what we’ve suggested, it’s your business.

We can just tell you what has worked for us and what we have seen work for others.

The way to view these sessions is as a catalyst for growth and where best to spend your time. Office hours are a sounding board, a support system, a place to learn - what they aren’t is a magic wand for success.

We can promise you this though - as long as you are ready to be challenged and put in the work, we we will never run out of ideas!

Why are we doing this?

We built Fixers because we couldn't find a home online to sell our own trips and experiences so we decided to build our own. In addition to building the dream e commerce platform to run and grow your business we want to share what we have learned in our 15+ years of promoting and marketing events, trips and experiences.

It is our passion to see like-minded and passionate travel and experience entrepreneurs succeed and grow!

Look at these lovely things we paid people to say about Office Hours with Fixers.

“One of the best things I’ve done to get my very first retreat off the ground was start a relationship with the team at Fixers. I went into it with the thinking that a reputable booking platform would elevate the booking experience, however, what I got was that and so much more. The encouragement, ideas, and support from the office hours experience helped to ignite new thinking in how to grow my retreat. It also sparked a confidence in me. The biggest lesson: get comfortable in putting this retreat (and my brand) out there: people want access to what I'm offering, and I needed the extra encouragement to put myself (and this retreat) out there. I'm looking forward to launching the next project with the team at Fixers as my support!" Andi Creator of Forage and Wander Retreats, USA

“The Fixers crew are always available to help with suggestions on how we can improve our marketing, create more efficient systems, communicate with our customers better, make our website clearer and more! They always have the specialist knowledge to provide useful and insightful pointers that have helped grow our business” Oli & Flo Creators of Cook, Eat, Discover - UK

"The Fixers platform has been instrumental in the growth of our festival and brand." Roman & Ella Creators of Soul Circus - UK

"Thank you so much for your time and kind support! The support I have received  from Fixers is invaluable to my business. It's a real pleasure working with you all!" Emma Creator of Blanco Yacht Week - Thailand

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