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Ambassadors: Turn your fans into your biggest sales channel

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Boost your sales by creating your own team of Brand Ambassadors on Fixers.

We're hyped to launch our new 'Ambassadors' feature today that allows you to reward your biggest fans for helping to spread the word about your brand.

With Ambassadors you can invite your community to represent your brand and reward them directly for driving traffic or sales.

Whether you have a loyal community ready to spread the word or are ready to reach out to influencers and brand partners. Ambassadors is the tool to harness the power of those most engaged with your brand.

Get set up in minutes

  1. Simply create your unique ink for your brand or a specific product for your chosen ambassador in your dashboard - help on how to do this here.
  2. Ambassadors can then share this on Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, Email or in person.

Who are your best soldiers?

From your Brand home you can view clicks, sales in real time and see who is performing best on the Ambassador leader board.

You can also create super simple links that include your brand name. The Ambassadors feature comes as standard with a fixe.rs short domain, but you can hook up a custom domain of your own.


Cross  domain tracking

Ambassador links can track clicks  and purchases across any domain meaning if you don't yet host a custom site with Fixers or an Ambassador wanted  to link first to there own website, blog or social  media before sending to check  out,  Ambassadors can track the purchase end to end.

Coming soon!

  • Apply to be an Ambassador: this means custom branded pages in your shop on Fixers and on your website where your community can apply to be an ambassador in seconds.

  • Ambassador discounts: you'll soon be able to allow ambassadors to promote exclusive discounts to their network.

  • Campaign home: Ambassadors will have access to a campaign home where you can post updates, content and marketing materials to assist driving sales.  

Get in touch

As always, we love to hear what you think about this feature in particular and what you'd love to see more of. Feel free to drop me a note with any feedback to ben@fixersworld.com